It’s Thrice the Action and Raunchy Humor with Deadpool 3

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Deadpool 3 Movie
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By: Jia Jarin


Check this out, Marvel and Deadpool fans! Our super-jester hero will return in its third installment with an exciting “Fish-Out-Of-Water” story. Deadpool 3 screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick recently gave crumbs of storyline details in an interview, making fans crave for more updates on the eclectic Deadpool movie.

“How many movies have they given us? We have a treasure trove of things to poke fun at now and Deadpool’s equal opportunity so everyone’s fair game,” Rhett told Post Cred Pod. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for fish-out-of-water. Deadpool is a lunatic at the center of a movie. Usually, the lunatics are the supporting characters and the protagonist is reasonably sane and our movie’s flipped. So, to drop a lunatic into a very sane world, it’s straight butter. It’s going to be really fun,” he added.

As Disney acquired 20th Century Fox last 2019, Deadpool 3 will officially be part of the MCU. The upcoming movie will also be the first film in the franchise that will have the Walt Disney Studios stamp. Rhett and Paul previously assured fans that Deadpool will still embrace its meta-humor tone and explicit content, making the third installment the first R-Rated MCU movie.

SEA Wave - Deadpool 3 Movie

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2 (2018). Photo by  Twentieth Century Fox.

“Deadpool is gonna be Deadpool,” Paul said in a Den of Geek interview. “They’ve been very supportive with regard to that. Now when it comes to a particular joke, if we cross a line, maybe we’ll hear at some point, ‘Maybe not that joke.’ But I think they’ve been incredibly supportive of what we’re doing, because obviously we were doing it separate from them for a long time, and I think they’ve seen the success and they’ve had their own even greater success. So hopefully it’ll be a marriage made in heaven. But we’ve definitely got their support, and that’s a great thing to feel,” Rhett explained.

SEA Wave - Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds

(L-R) Ryan Reynolds and Leslie Uggams in Deadpool 2 (2018). Photo by Twentieth Century Fox.

The Deadpool franchise has charmed its fans with its witty tone, adult humor, and gory action scenes. The first two installments are both box-office successes— earning a combined worldwide gross of over $1.5 billion.

Though Deadpool 3 does not have a release date yet, the film is already in development at Marvel Studios, with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick as screenwriters and Shawn Levy as director. Ryan Reynolds is also set to reprise his role as the iconic bad-ass superhero.


What would you like to see in Deadpool 3? Which MCU characters would make an interesting dynamic with Deadpool in future MCU movies? Share your opinions and theories with us in the comments section below!

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