Blue Mint Chocolate: KFC Korea launches new dipping sauce for chicken

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - KFC Korea Blue Mint Chocolate Dip
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By: Hiacynth Ablanez


KFC Korea launches their newest offering: a blue mint chocolate dip for their chicken!

The newest dip was first announced on KFC Korea’s Instagram account. The posts garnered thousands of reactions and comments, instantly keeping everyone curious about what it would taste like.

This KFC Korea’s new dip is flavored with chocolate and mint with a sweet taste, which is also perfect for your chicken and fries.

SEA Wave - KFC Korea Blue Mint Chocolate Dip

Photo by KFC South Korea

At the moment, mint chocolate is a craze in South Korea, and KFC Korea is one of the brands adding this new trend to their menu. According to, this additional product in KFC Korea is a collaboration between KFC and Baedal Minjok, a food delivery service.

For everyone who would like to try this trending dip, it is available in two commemorative special released meals. The “I am Minchodan Pack” and the “Mincho Easy Pack” cost about 900 won per pot.

SEA Wave - KFC Korea Blue Mint Chocolate Dip

Photo by KFC South Korea

For now, Mint Chocolate Dip is available in South Korea until August. No words yet if this will be available in other countries.

This newest dip in the KFC menu has become a trending topic upon its release; everyone has different thoughts and opinions about its taste. But no matter what their views are, your experience is what matters.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try it yourself and share your experience in the comments section below!

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