Sauce on my lips? Nah, just gloss! Filipino condiments inspired these new Filipinta lip gloss shades

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Filipinta Beauty Banana Ketchup and Manang Biday
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By: Jordan Chua


NY-based, Filipino-owned beauty brand Filipinta Beauty has just released its newest lip gloss shades, ‘Banana Ketchup’ and ‘Manang Biday,’ and they put a whole new spin on ‘looking delicious.’

Filipino foodies might recognize the distinct packaging and color of these lip glosses as those of beloved condiments in Filipino cuisine. Indeed, these gourmet glosses are greatly inspired by banana ketchup and all-purpose liempo sauce – complete with either a banana-like or “meaty” fragrance. The products are freshly made with every order and are cruelty-free, so you can enjoy wearing these newest shades without worries.

“It’s no secret that a big part of our food culture involves our very own sauces, and we are highlighting two of the most popular and beloved sauces of all time and turned [sic] them into a lip gloss,” reads the caption of Filipinta Beauty’s promotional post announcing the new products.

“The banana gloss is inspired by our banana ketchup, a sauce so confusing to people it makes them ask, “it’s made of bananas?! How come it’s red?”. 😂 We made it smell like bananas too! And of course, the all purpose sauce that is almost always paired with lechon and liempo inspired this neutral brown shade that has a very interesting “meaty” scent.”

Bringing Filipino culture to beauty isn’t new to the Filipinta brand: when they started, they released a makeup collection inspired by Philippine mythology, including the dreamy, tropical ‘Diwata’ eyeshadow palette and its ‘Maria Makiling’ lip gloss. Other products include a vibrant, eye-popping ‘Sorbetes’ palette and a warm-toned ‘Filipin Tops’ palette that is “perfect for both morena and mestiza skin.”

The brand strongly believes in “Makeup with a purpose” – that is, a beauty brand that celebrates Philippine culture and “[embraces] the unique, distinct beauty of every Filipina.” Its name, ‘Filipinta,’ is a combination of the words ‘Filipina’ and ‘pinta’ or ‘paint,’ which together roughly translates to “paint for Filipinas” or “face paint for Filipinas.”

Many of their products are greatly inspired by Filipino pop culture and folklore, and their color palettes are made to complement every Filipina, which is something that unfortunately isn’t easily found in the global beauty industry. Filipinta Beauty’s value is beyond cute packaging and branding gimmicks: they are on a mission to bring out the beauty of the Filipino identity.

The new lip glosses ‘Banana Ketchup’ and ‘Manang Biday’ are now available for purchase at 7 USD (around 400 PHP) each on Filipinta Beauty’s website, Filipinta Beauty can also be found through their social media at @filipintabeauty on Instagram, Filipinta Beauty on Facebook, and @FilipintaBeauty on Twitter.

Would you wear ‘Banana Ketchup’? Or are you more of a ‘Manang Biday’? Comment down below!

Featured product photos by Filipinta Beauty

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