The First Laing Lasagna in the Philippines

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Bhest Laing Lasagna
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By: Bianca Velasquez


Who would have dared to try combining a distinctively flavored Bicol dish with a classic Italian dish? We’ll tell you who! Bhest Lasagna took and committed to the challenge, and produced a one-of-a-kind dish that will surely make your mouth water!

SEA Wave - Bhest Laing Lasagna

Photo from Bhest Lasagna

Bhest Lasagna is a home-based, family-owned business in Quezon City. They are a family that is passionate about creating and sharing new food with other food lovers out there. They take pride in creating fully homemade food, and they put their family at the core of how they run their business. Because of their passion and dedication to creating edible masterpieces, they were awarded the Best Lasagna SpotPH back in 2015. All of this led to their innovative creation of the iconic Laing Lasagna back in February 2019.

SEA Wave - Bhest Laing Lasagna

Photo from Bhest Lasagna

According to Bhest’s interview with Rappler, perfecting this dish took numerous trial and error attempts because of the unique consistencies of each element in the dish. More than that, Laing has a very powerful flavor which needed to be balanced together with the homemade pasta sheets and the bechamel sauce. After a while, they created the perfect blend of Laing that is not too moist or dry, with a rich coconut milk flavor, combined with bits of smoked salmon, and chilies to pair with the well-cooked pasta sheets and cheesy bechamel sauce.

Intrigued? They have 3 sizes available, an XS pan good for 4-6 people for Php 700, a medium pan good for 8 people for Php 950, and a large pan good for 12 people for Php 1,300. Pair with their garlic bread for only Php 150 for 20 pieces. Their well-known lasagnas are made to order so best to place your orders 2-3 days in advance. If you plan to add this to your Christmas dinner spread at home, better start placing your orders a month in advance!

Contact them through their Instagram page or SMS at 09178360160. The pick-up hub is located along West Avenue, Quezon City.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on Metro Manila’s best lasagna! Gather your foodie friends and enjoy this classic elevated comfort food together.

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