High Five Must-Try Michelin-starred Restaurants in Southeast Asia

by Matthew Escosia
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By: Patricia Yap


Southeast Asia offers some of the best dishes in the world, so it comes as no surprise that many of its restaurants continue to be awarded with the ever so distinguished Michelin Star. And on this list, SEA Wave introduces you to five of these must-try Michelin-starred restaurants in Southeast Asia.

Saneh Jaan, Thailand

SEA Wave - Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops - Saneh Jaan, Thailand

One of the most meaningful ways any country can celebrate its culture and tradition is through food, and at Saneh Jaan, dishes are made from the country’s deepest roots. For over three years now, Saneh Jaan has been serving traditional Thai cuisine made from recipes learned from Thailand’s village elders and royal families. At its core, the one Michelin star restaurant lives by authenticity.

PUTIEN, Singapore

SEA Wave - PUTIEN, Singapore

What started out two decades ago as a simple coffee shop in Singapore is now one of the country’s most recognized—and globally expanding—restaurant chains. In 2000, the original owner was a man named Fong Chi Chung from Fujian, China who missed the food of his hometown, Putian City, so much that he established PUTIEN. Today, the one Michelin star restaurant serves a fusion of Singapore-Fujian cuisine that prides itself on light and healthy foods made with only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Paste Lao Food at the Apsara, Laos

SEA Wave - Paste Lao Food at the Apsara, Laos

Headed by none other than 2018’s Best Female Chef in Asia, Chef Bee Satongun, the Paste Bangkok restaurant located in Thailand has never lost a Michelin-star since 2017. Today, Chef Bee has opened Paste Lao Food at the Apsara, the 2nd branch of Paste and the 1st Michelin-star restaurant in Laos. And unlike the original Paste restaurant that focuses on Thai cuisine, the Paste Lao Food promises to please through its innovative plant-based Lao food inspired from the recipes of Phia Sing, the godfather of Lao food.

Hakkasan, Indonesia

SEA Wave - Hakkasan, Indonesia

Although Hakkasan does not serve Indonesian food, it is still a must-try one Michelin star restaurant, especially when visiting Southeast Asia. This is because out of Hakkasan’s over a dozen branches around the world, it only has one location in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. Hakkasan is one of the first Chinese restaurants to receive a Michelin star, promising to only serve the best of Cantonese cooking.

Le Planteur Restaurant, Myanmar

SEA Wave - Le Planteur Restaurant, Myanmar

The Le Planteur Restaurant may not serve Myanmar’s local dishes, but it is still a must-try Michelin star dining experience. Reportedly recognized as the best restaurant in Myanmar, Le Planteur is not only famous for its fine dining food but also its ambiance. Located near the shores of the Inya Lake, diners at Le Planteur can enjoy the breezy outdoor seating in the restaurant’s vast open veranda, completing their stay in Myanmar as they are surrounded by the country’s beautiful nature.


What other Southeast Asian restaurants with Michelin star honors do we need to add on our list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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