Filipino Mythological Series “Mga Kwentong Epik” Delves Into Maria Makiling

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - Kwentong Epik Maria Makiling Netflix
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By: Jaderick Buhay


Filipino mythology and local legends were given renewed attention. Another Filipino animated series about mythological characters from the Philippines is now streaming on Netflix.

“Mga Kwentong Epik: Ang Alamat ni Maria Makiling” is an animated show based on the same-named comic book series which Epik Studios both created.

The story revolves around Ria, a young woman who learns she is the goddess Maria Makiling. The lead character is voiced by Ryza Cenon, and the show’s narrator is played by Bodjie “Kuya Bodjie” Pascua.

Popular Filipino folkloric characters like Pedro Penduko and the Nuno also make an appearance in the show.

SEA Wave - Kwentong Epik Maria Makiling Netflix

Photo from Epik Studios

The six-episode series is now available on Netflix and is currently trending in the platform’s Trending Now section. The episodes are only 20 to 25 minutes long, making them ideal for binge-watching!

Have you seen “Mga Kwentong Epik: Ang Alamat ni Maria Makiling?” Let us know what you think!

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