This is the Nasi Ayam Goreng that Customers Are Willing to Get Shouted at For, And It is Completely Valid!

by Dianne Curray
As-Shifaa Cafe Orchard Road Singapore
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It’s probably a common standard for all of us to look for a restaurant that provides great service along with great food, right? But that isn’t the case for a certain food stall located in Orchard Road in Singapore, and we’ll tell you why the customers do not mind.

As-Shifaa Cafe is a food stall located in Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road that has customers queuing up for a taste of their famed nasi ayam goreng despite chances of them getting shouted at by the “grouchy” stall uncle.

For this restaurant, it doesn’t matter if you provide awful service – as long as you serve good food, the customers will return.

As a testimony, lifestyle content creator Explodingbelly shared her food trip experience at As-Shifaa Cafe in a TikTok video (that has over 600k views as of writing!)

@explodingbelly i go there everyday & get shouted at by the dude, IM ALL WILLING CAUSE THEIR CHICKEN IS SO GOOD. remember ah, ORDER FIRST then can sit. don’t say I never warn you. address and price in the comments cause I scared film longer will get scolded. #sgfoodie #wheretoeat #halalsg ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

She reportedly visits the family-run company every day and “gets screamed at”, describing the meals there as her newest addiction. However, she is prepared to put up with the stall uncle’s explosive temper because the chicken is “so good.”

“Minus 10 service but 20/10 chicken,” Explodingbelly described.

Other residents also shared the same sentiments about their experience in dining at the notorious food stall.

As-Shifaa Cafe Orchard Road Singapore reviews

Some have given tips on how to avoid (well, try) getting scolded: know what you want, order fast, and sit down. Since the owner works very fast and customers keep on coming, you should already have decided what you want to eat. The shop has been around since the early 2000s, and it is no wonder why people still keep on coming back to eat their renowned nasi ayam goreng.

The dish in question does seem exquisite and is not your typical nasi ayam goreng.

A platter of flawlessly fried chicken with crispy skin and tender meat, together with rice, an entire egg, and sambal, can be purchased for $6. A generous amount of salty crumbs are sprinkled on top of the meal.

If you’ve got the guts to taste one of the best-tasting fried chicken in Singapore, you may find As-Shifaa Cafe at 304 Orchard Road #06-52 Lucky Plaza, Monday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm.

Let us know if you’ve tried their chicken in the comments section!

Featured photo by Hungry Onion

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