Titanic, to break hearts once again in 4K 3D this February

by Matthew Escosia
Titanic 25th anniversary 4k 3d
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By: Joana de Guzman


James Cameron’s first highest-grossing film, Titanic, reappears in movie theaters this February 8 for its 25th anniversary.

Paramount released a new trailer announcing its comeback stronger since its 90s trend with a digitally remastered 3D 4K HDR version.

Titanic, an action-packed romance set sails the tale of a 17-year-old aristocrat (Kate Winslet as Rose) and a penniless artist (Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack) while embarking on the ‘unsinkable’ R. M. S. Titanic that later became an ill-fated maiden voyage as it collides with an iceberg.

Who could not remember? Since its premiere in 1997, numerous people have re-created the iconic scene of Rose and Jack in front of the Titanic while singing the film’s iconic soundtrack– My Heart Will Go On. I’m sure many are guilty of this.

Don’t even get the fans started about the infamous floating door scene of DiCaprio’s character with Kate. Many viewers have disputed, from time to time, the could’ve-would’ve-should’ve of Jack if he’s only been saved. It has been a journey of never-ending debates.

Fortunately, Cameron said in his interview with Postmedia last December that to prove the fate of these lovers is realistically correct, the study result in this long overdue controversy will be shown on along with the return of the award-winning movie.

Are you ready to cry your heart out at the nearest cinema this upcoming Valentine’s season? Let us know your thoughts below!

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