Deleting Soon? Nadine Lustre’s ‘Deleter’ might get a sequel, Mikhail Red says

by Matthew Escosia
Deleter Sequel Mikhail Red
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By: Ernest Yap


Nadine Lustre’s top-billed film, “Deleter”, a Filipino psychological horror film might get a sequel according to its director, Mikhail Red.

Red recently shared his insight on the movie’s open-ended ending, which can set up sequels. “We intended it to be very open-ended. Without spoiling the ending, it poses the question to the audience. We did that on purpose and we’ll see. We’ll talk to Viva [Films],” Red said according to a report by Push.

Red shared that he would be continuing to work with Viva, as he sees them as “creatively open and free.” “I can’t wait what to do with them next because we have a few more films signed with them,” he continued.

The movie also swept the Metro Manila Film Festival 2022 last December, where it took home the biggest awards of the night from a pool of eight entries, securing the Best Picture award alongside Best Director for Mikhail Red and Best Actress for Lustre. Right behind Deleter was Nanahimik Ang Gabi, which clinched five awards in total including Best Actor for Ian Veneracion and Best Supporting Actor for Mon Confiado.

Recently, Deleter was screened in the USA and UAE last January 6 and 12, and soon to Singapore.

A film about the dark side of the corporate world and the digital age, “Deleter” explores the world of content moderators who do the dirty work of digital cleaning, deciding what content we can consume.

What do you think of a “Deleter” sequel? Share your thoughts with us!

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