Barney Gets A New Look: A New Era for Our Favorite Purple Dinosaur

by Dianne Curray
Barney Reboot Series
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The dinosaur from our imagination and what we call a sensation got his appearance revamped as its show will be relaunched next year.

Mattel, the multinational animation and entertainment company that now owns the rights to the Barney franchise, announced on February 13 that the iconic Barney franchise will be relaunched to a new generation with brand-new animated series, set to debut globally in 2024.

“Mattel’s comprehensive revitalization of the Barney brand will span television, film, and YouTube content as well as music and a full range of kids’ products including toys, books, clothing, and more,” the company stated.

The show, which is being produced by Nelvana for Corus Entertainment, aims to reintroduce the well-known purple dinosaur to a new generation of preschoolers by teaching them about “love, community, and encouragement” through musically infused adventures.

“Barney’s message of love and kindness has stood the test of time,” said Josh Silverman, Mattel’s Chief Franchise Officer and Global Head of Consumer Products.

“We will tap into the nostalgia of the generations who grew up with Barney, now parents themselves, and introduce the iconic purple dinosaur to a new generation of kids and families around the world across content, products, and experiences,” he added.

Fred Soulie, SVP and General Manager of Mattel Television also said that with their modern take on Barney, Mattel hopes to inspire the next generation to “listen, care, and dream big.”

“With our modern take on Barney, we hope to inspire the next generation to listen, care, and dream big. We think that parents, many of whom will fondly remember the original Barney from their own childhoods, will love the show too,” he continued.

The new look of Barney gathered mixed reactions from millennials and early Gen Zs, but since the new series will be for the younger kids today, we’re looking forward to seeing them make friends and play with Barney!

What are your thoughts on Barney’s new look? Share with us in the comments below!

Featured photo by Mattel

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