Filipino pop group HORI7ON to debut in South Korea this July, releases documentary series

by Paula Jhea Sison
Hori7on group
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Filipino pop group HORI7ON will have its official debut in South Korea by the end of July.

Ahead of their debut, HORI7ON will star in the documentary series “100 Days Miracle” produced by MLD Entertainment. The docuseries will tell the stories of the Filipino pop group, their training journey in South Korea, and the preparations before their upcoming debut.

Starting this July 7, the 100 Days Miracle will air on MNet’s M2 official Youtube channel.

HORI7ON consists of seven young Filipino members including Vinci Malizon, Kim Ng, Kyler Chua, Reyster Yton, Winston Pineda, Jeromy Batac, and Marcus Cabais. The group was formed through the survival show “Dream Maker” launched by MLD Entertainment and ABS-CBN, a Filipino Media company.

Their official debut date and album details are yet to be announced.

Featured photo courtesy of HORI7ON Official

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