Tales and Oracles of Eleven: Southeast Asian Mythological Stories Preserved in a Book

by SEA Wave
Tales and Oracles of Eleven
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Southeast Asian countries are rich for their myths and legends. These stories are some that kids will hear their grandparents talk about. Some seem far from believable but these stories are not just mere tales, they have life lessons which children will take with them unconsciously growing up.

To preserve culture and the lessons in these important stories, authors Ambi Sun and Sha Roose created Tales and Oracles of Eleven – A wide selection of 44 stories are preserved in a book from classic mythical stories and legends coming from Southeast Asian countries – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Limor Lorosae and Vietnam.


Photo by AmbiSun Art


Ambi Sun and Sha Roose are both avid storytellers with a deep love for culture. They created Tales and Oracle of Eleven with the goal to preserve the diverse cultural heritage of various regions in Southeast Asia. “By creating Tales and Oracle of Eleven, we hope to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the region and to provide an opportunity for people from other parts of the world to learn about and appreciate the unique mythology of South East Asia ” they stated on their official website.

Ambi Sun and Sha Roose also had help from Southeast Asian guest artists Kanz, Penkuro, Yuma, Emily, Mvndeep, Kevin, Shane, Andrew, PAVII, and Camelia in the creation of unique drawings and interpretations of different stories and creatures in the Tales of Eleven book as well as the Oracles of Eleven cards set.

In addition to their advocacy to preserve culture and heritage, this effort also supports charitable causes – WeCareJourney, an organization dedicated to treatment of spinal muscular atrophy and Rainforest Trust dedicated to mitigating habitat loss and advocating against deforestation.

Previews and synopses of some of the tales can be read on their kickstarter page as well as digital mockups of the Tales of Eleven Book and Oracles of Eleven cards.

You can support their work through their kick starter campaign as well as pre-ordering their collection through their website.


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