SEAtizens: Malaysian artist repurposes CDs and vinyl records

by Gabrielle Marcelo
Lau Jing Xi
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In this edition of SEAtizens, we feature Lau Jing Xi of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who repurposes old CDs and vinyl records to showcase beautiful unique and themed paintings.

Lau Jing Xi’s story started one spring cleaning day. Lau and her mother spotted a bunch of old scratched up and worn out vinyl records. This was a collection kept for years since it was the most popular way to listen to music at the time before online music streaming became the ultimate mainstream.

With all this waste, Lau Jing’s mother suggested for her to repurpose these materials. Lau’s journey began with just an intention of upcycling old materials and now has grown into her small business and a reflection of her passion in painting that she also shares with others.

After years of painting, she has evolved her art on her artist Instagram page “Jinx” showcasing a vast array of paintings on different materials like wood, mugs, canvases, and of course her iconic CDs and vinyl records.

She has explored creating collections of paintings consisting of similar themed work and creative sets available made-to-order or customized paintings for interested patrons.



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Keeping the theme of music with the CDs and vinyl records, Lau Jing Xi also has various themed set available with a corresponding Spotify playlist to fit the mood of the paintings.


Lau Jing Xi paintings

Photo by Lau Jing XI


Lau has also participated in exhibitions – the GMBB, a creative community mall in Bukit Bintag being her first one with her friend, Sam with the title “Escapism”.



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Lau also wishes to share her craft and promote upcycling CDs and vinyls among aspiring artists through workshops she hosts herself! Currently, she has a running workshop sharing Taylor Swift Eras inspired colors and pieces. Her next scheduled workshop event is on September 9.



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You can check out Lau Jing Xi and her works through her art Instagram page @imajingnation.


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Note: Free Malaysia Today’s story on Lau Jing Xi was used as a reference material in this article.

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