This Filipino animated series needs your support – how you can fund this promising Jose Rizal, Lapu-Lapu project

by Matthew Escosia
Punx Studios 333: The Rise of Heroes’
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Making the waves online is a Filipino animated series about the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. But the challenge is the creators of the show need your help to complete the show.

333: The Rise of Heroes’ is being pitched as a seven-episode animated historical saga that promises to tell stories we know while also uncovering unknowns in the Philippines’ rich past.

Among the Filipino heroes set to appear on the show include Dr. Jose Rizal, former President Emilio Aguinaldo, Andres Bonifacio, and heroic priests Padre Gomez, Padre Burgos and Padre Zamora. Also announced as a character are Lapu-Lapu, Gabriela Silang, Sultan Kudarat and more. How these characters, coming from various periods, will be integrated on the show is yet to be revealed.



Key art of Dr. Jose Rizal. Photo from Punx Studios

Photo from Punx Studios

“Through an animated series, the story of the Philippines revolution can be heard in a unique, easy-to-perceive manner to help people understand who the Filipinos are, how they came to be, and shed light on the truth of their journey to freedom,” shared in the show description.



Key art of Lapu-Lapu. Photo from Punx Studios

Photo from Punx Studios

Punx Studios, an independent animation and game company, is the creators of ‘333: The Rise of the Heroes’. The company is comprised of young animators and creators who have been part of animated classics such as Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, My Little Pony and more.

But developing ‘333’ will take a lot of resources, and Punx has launched a Kickstarter page to encourage people to support the project. Anyone can support for as low as 10USD and those who will make a pledge will receive rewards from the creators.

If the creators reach their target fund, ‘333: The Rise of the Heroes’ will eye a series launch this Q1 of 2025.

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