Exceeding Expectations: 11-Year-Old with ADHD and ASD Breaks International Elite World Record

by Naomi Grace Cavaneyro
Aiden Ting
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In this edition of SEAtizens, we meet Aiden Ting, an 11-year-old boy who broke a world record for his unique clay figurines.

Elaine Yap first noticed her son Aiden’s difficulty in communicating from a very young age. At five years old, Aiden Ting was non-verbal and had trouble concentrating and focusing. He was later diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism-spectrum disorder (ASD). This led Elaine to seek help in the form of enrichment classes that served as an early intervention measure for her son. These classes included behavioral therapy, play therapy and speech therapy, but the most effective of all was art therapy.

With the encouragement of his mom and continuous art therapy, Aiden pursued his creative endeavor and learned to make toys by molding clay into the shape of whatever sparks his interest – whether it’s fantastic creatures like dinosaurs or video game characters from Among Us or Roblox. He continues to excel in his craft, with his collection of clay creations growing in number every day.

“He can sit by himself, for one to two hours, just making things with his clay. For example, he will watch a documentary or something, and then inspiration will spark. He will create all kinds of figurines,” Elaine Yap shared in an interview with FMT Lifestyle.


Aiden Ting Creations

Photo from JCI Taiping


Encouraged by their friends, Ms. Yap and Aiden applied for an Elite World Record to recognize Aiden’s impressive artistic feats. Finally, in August of this year, Aiden was formally awarded the Elite World Record for “The Most Self-Made Toys Collection by a Tween (Male) with ASD and ADHD.” With this record, Ms. Yap hopes to gain a wider platform for Aiden’s work and to set a good example for children with similar conditions.

With Aiden’s collection currently at 2,388 and counting, most of Aiden’s creations are sold online as collectibles to also help pay for his education, since he has a hard time learning in a conventional classroom and is currently pursuing his studies in an international school in Kuala Lumpur.

Congratulations Aiden! We hope you continue to shine brighter and pursue your passion!

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