High Five Christmas-Themed Series to Extend the Holiday Feels

by Arns Santiago
Christmas Themed Series to Extend the Holiday Feels
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We’re days away from the new year. If you’re looking for way to extend the Yuletide season, then consider adding binge watching to your list of activities because we’ve got the perfect holiday-themed shows for you to watch.

SEA Wave presents, High Five Christmas-themed series on Netflix to help you get more of your holiday fix.


“Dash & Lily”

Dash & Lily

Photo from Netflix

Who doesn’t like a good old romantic comedy? Whether you have someone to kiss under the mistletoe or you’re single all the way, Dash & Lily is a great series to fill your hearts with joy this Christmas.

Based on the young adult novel series Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, this eight-episode series centers on the eponymous teenagers who form mutual romantic feelings through a notebook that takes them on an adventure across New York City through the dares and messages they write to each other.

The plot of the series strays away from the usual formula of Christmas love stories with the way the story unfolds. It’s not entirely unpredictable, but there are several pleasant surprises you won’t see coming. The show also equally balances the good vibes from the festive holiday setting of the romantic story with the gravity and seriousness of the challenges that the characters will have to face along the way. All in all, Dash & Lily is a whimsical journey of discovering the wonders of life and love that is truly memorable to experience and watch.


“Merry Happy Whatever”

Mery Happy Whatever

Photo from Netflix

Cue the laugh track, ladies and gentlemen, because we have the perfect holiday sitcom for you to watch. It has humor, festive cheer, and relatable holiday mishaps – so get ready for a jolly good time.

Merry Happy Whatever is an American comedy series that takes place in the Quinn household where disapproving and conservative Don Quinn (Dennis Quaid) juggles between preparing for Christmas, being the family patriarch, and struggling to accept the boyfriend of his youngest daughter, Emmy (Bridgit Mendler).

You can expect a whole lot of awkward situations and hilarious banter that makes this series comedy gold. It’s perfect to watch if you simply want to laugh and have a good time with family, friends, or even on your own. The story’s centered on family and love which is always an integral part of any Christmas celebration. And though this is a comedy show, you may shed a tear or two when it comes to certain scenes that will hit straight for the heart.


“DreamWorks Holiday Classics”

Dreamworks Holiday Classics

Photo from DreamWorks Animation LLC

We can all agree that animated movies and shows aren’t just for kids – they’re for everyone! Just like this 4-part holiday special featuring your favorite DreamWorks characters.

DreamWorks Holiday Classics is filled with characters from fan-favorite animated films like Shrek, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon, which makes it the perfect series to watch for kids, kids at heart, and the entire family. We guarantee you that there won’t be a shortage of Christmas spirit and fun for each episode.

Shrek, Donkey, Hiccup, Toothless, and the wacky animals from Madagascar are waiting for you to join them on their holiday adventures. So gather everyone around and watch DreamWorks Holiday Classics to get your holiday fix mixed with the lovable exploits of these classic animated characters.


“Sugar Rush Christmas”

Sugar Rush Christmas

Photo from Netflix

Are you a baker or a baking enthusiast? Do you have a sweet tooth or are you just someone looking for an exciting reality show to watch? If these descriptions fit you, then Sugar Rush Christmas should be your next bingeable show.

In this reality competition, four pairs of bakers compete in a series of Christmas-themed baking challenges for a sweet prize of $10,000. The competition consists of three rounds, Round 1: Cupcakes, Round 2: Confections, and Round 3: Cakes. After each challenge, one group is eliminated, with the winning tandem taking home the cash prize and glory of being the champion of Sugar Rush Christmas.

The tension, the drama, and the rush of watching contestants create over the top cakes and baked goods will leave you wanting more. To make things sweeter, you can also expect surprise celebrity guest judges like film and TV actress Sasha Pieterse, American Idol Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks, YouTube star and actress Liza Koshy, and many more. And since this is a baking competition, you can also take note of the creations of the contestants that can be a great addition to your next Christmas dinner.


“Home for Christmas”

Home For Christmas

Photo from Netflix

What’s your relationship status this Christmas? Are you happily in love, content being single, or in a fake relationship that you made up for the benefit of your family?

Home for Christmas follows the story of Johanne (Ida Elise Broch) as she scrambles to find a boyfriend 24 days before Christmas after she impulsively tells her family that she’s no longer single. What ensues after is a series of awkward encounters, hilarious mishaps, and romantic moments that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

This show is also the first Norwegian original Netflix series and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and audiences. Home for Christmas will captivate you with its great story that feels all too familiar for those who have experienced the harrowing and complicated world of dating. Overall, this series tells a wonderful story about belonging, friendship, and love that all of us can relate to.


Which Christmas-themed TV show are you looking forward to watching to extend your holiday feels? We’d love to know! Share your thoughts in the comment section.
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