High Five Things to Prepare Before going to a K-POP Concert

by SEA Wave
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The K-pop concert season is truly around the corner with various groups and artists visiting the Southeast Asia region for their tour stops. Don’t be caught underprepared when your favorite act announces a stop in your country–here’s SEA Wave’s High Five guide on what to prepare for your next K-pop concert!

Saving Up for the Concert

Having enough funds year-round is always a must for every K-pop stan because who knows when the next concert schedule will drop? Being part of the fandom really does require you to budget your savings, but with enough preparation, you can always secure those seats to see your favorite idol.

As a frequent K-pop concert-goer, I always see to it that I save up for the concert tickets and other expenses such as #ConcertOutfit, travel and accommodation expenses, food, and concert merchandise (MD) even before the actual announcement. Don’t forget to set a target savings goal! This way, you wouldn’t have to worry much about your funds. One can conveniently keep concert savings in budget envelopes, goal accounts, or even jars and piggy banks. You can always save from your allowance, salary, or even side businesses but make sure that your health and happiness are not compromised while doing so!

Photo from Pulp Live World.

Travel Plan and Itinerary

K-pop concerts in Southeast Asia are usually held in only one venue – oftentimes in the capital or major cities of the countries. And unless you live in those cities, transportation and accommodation can be quite challenging.

It’s important to do your due diligence and do prior research on the concert venue you’re going to. Familiarize yourself with the city, create a travel plan, and book your accommodations, shuttles, and flights as early as possible because the usual costs go up as the concert day draws closer.

If you are driving to the concert, make sure to adjust your time for the traffic and check updates on the parking, drop-offs pickups, and alternative routes.

Venue maps are often released days before the concert so check where you can locate necessities such as food and restrooms. Be sure to bring extra cash as some merchants do not accept cards or online payment.

Photo from iseventeen.

Must Brings

The concept of meeting your idols in person is truly mind-boggling but be sure that you don’t forget anything in your excitement!

The first one on the list is the most important item for the concert – your ticket. Whether it is a physical ticket or an online ticket, ensure that it has been verified and you always have a copy on you at the venue. Bring the necessary waivers, vaccination cards, and ID that venues always require upon entry.

To fully enjoy the concert hassle-free, make sure to also bring a power bank and cords, a basic hygiene kit including alcohol, tissue, wipes and sunblock, a mini-fan, and a water bottle (only if the venue permits so be sure to check). If the concert venue is at a stadium, do not forget to bring a plastic raincoat and shoe cover!

Remember that venues are strict when it comes to bag sizes so pack lightly but surely! And last but not least, bring your light stick so you can enjoy a full concert experience!

Photo from NCT127 in Bangkok.

Fan Projects and Fanchants

Fan projects are always part of K-pop concerts – from banners and billboards to FMVs and events, fans organize all kinds of projects to show support for their idols. Recently, fan zones have been put up for audiences to visit hours before the concerts so you can mingle with fellow fans. Local fanbases also open booths and experiential activities dedicated to the group or artists that they follow. And if you’re lucky, some diehard fans prepare and give out freebies like banners, photocards, polaroids, candies, water, flowers, and even official merchandise at the venue before the concert begins.

Come concert time, fanbases and organizers unite to create memorable moments for idols during the concert. It is essential to check fanbases’ social media accounts to know these special fan projects like dress codes, sea of flowers, birthday surprises, VCR, and fan song projects.

Don’t forget to memorize the fan chants to bring out your full enthusiasm! Or you can just always sing along to your favorite songs.

Photo from TVN/ Her Private Life.


Most importantly, you need to prepare yourself! Take all the time you need to pamper yourself, eat, and hydrate so that you can enjoy the concert to the fullest. You waited for this for months, maybe even years, so make sure to live in the moment and sing and dance your heart out to the fullest!


As an avid concertgoer, I hope that these tips will help you prepare for the day you have been waiting for! What’s the next K-pop concert on your list? Comment down below!

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