Indonesian drama “Naik Ranjang” premieres on SCTV and Vidio

by SEA Wave
SC TV's Naik Ranjang
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A new soap opera is looking to grip the hearts of Indonesians and leave them at the edge of their seats. The highly anticipated drama Naik Ranjang is set to premiere today, promising a show full of twists and dark turns.

Director Sony Gaokasak and screenwriter Maretta Abadi’s story comes to life with a central cast featuring Indonesia’s top actors in Eza Gionino, Adinda Azani, Yuriska Patricia, Adipura, and more.

Naik Ranjang tells the story of Tyas (Azani) and her quest to reunite with her estranged father, Mahdi (Adipura) and sister, Hani (Patricia) following a 20-year separation.

The story takes a dark turn when Tyas finally finds her long-lost family, only for her fiancé Gino (Gionino) to discover that his beloved’s sister is someone he’d rather left buried in the past. Afraid of his secrets being revealed, Gino goes through great lengths to cover up his and Hani’s shared history, showing just how far he will go for “love.”

Catch Naik Ranjang on SCTV at 8 PM (WIB) tonight, with streaming on Vidio, Indonesia’s no. 1 media streaming service.

Are you excited to be captivated by this exciting new soap opera? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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