Take a Dive and Save the Oceans with Ocean Week Brunei

Heads up, ocean lovers! Brunei's diving deep with their first-ever Ocean Week!

by Shane Jhastin Picson
Ocean Week Brunei
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Ocean Week Brunei, a week-long national celebration dedicated to the learning, discovery, and conservation of Brunei’s oceans, is now underway. 


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 The event is a collaborative effort between Poni Divers and Brunei’s Department of Fisheries at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, with activities and programs aimed at conserving the oceans of Brunei, as well as events that will feature local and international experts with the aim of empowering the youth of Brunei to take an active role in the mission to preserve marine life and resources all over the world.

Ocean Week Brunei’s array of educational and formative hands-on activities include a course on creating reef balls, youth advocacy forums featuring international and local speakers, a workshop on marine conservation, Brunei’s largest coral planting event Big Blue Hope, and a conference on Ocean Sustainability. The week’s main event will be held on June 8 to commemorate World Oceans Day, which will be followed with a cleanup of Marvel Beach’s coast on June 9.

Earlier this week, Poni Divers alongside the Department of Fisheries deployed the 100th reef ball into the waters of Pelong Rock to commemorate the beginning of Brunei’s Ocean Week. Poni Foundation founder Mohd Tahsin Wong bin Abdullah, in his opening speech, said the event aims to bring together businesses, the government, organizations, and schools to discuss marine conservation challenges and solutions, both locally and globally, and to encourage positive and meaningful discourse on innovative solutions for marine conservation in Brunei and beyond.


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Ocean Week Brunei also recently held the Future Ocean Changemakers Youth Forum which featured local and international speakers where they shared their insights and expertise on protecting and preserving marine life and resources. Speakers that participated in Ocean Week Brunei include Mr. Abdullah, Philippines’ Lalakbayin Ecoventures founder Mark Joseph Laceste, Green Brunei co-founder Khairunnisa Ash’ari, Curious Minds Founder Shaun Hoon, Coral Restoration Founder and Precious Plastic Brunei founder Frederick Chong, and Tebalik Plastik founder Mims Sidi.


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All events for Ocean Week Brunei are free, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn about the importance of our oceans and participate in activities that contribute to a healthier marine environment.

Learn more about Ocean Week Brunei here: https://oceanweekbrunei.org/

Are you ready to take a dive and save the oceans? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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