Christian Bautista and Delon Thamrin Release New Single “We Are Here”

by Matthew Escosia
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Christian Bautista teams up with Indonesian Idol Champion, Delon, for an uplifting track perfect to give inspiration during this challenging time. The song was produced through the collaboration of Universal Records Philippines and Jakarta-based music company, Nagaswara, which are Christian and Delon’s music labels.

Photo from Universal Records Philippines’ Instagram.

Dubbed as Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, Christian first gained popularity in the Philippines and Indonesia with his hit single “The Way You Look at Me” in 2004. He has since appeared in a multitude of appearances and shows across Asia. Through the years, Christian has done a variety of collaborations with musicians all across Southeast Asia, East Asia and the world. One of his previous collaborations in Indonesia was a rendition of Jose Mari Chan’s Please Be Careful with My Heart with singer Bunga Citra Lestari, which they toured around in multiple television shows and concerts. Other Asian and international collaborations Christian has done in the past include ones with American Idol alum Jessica Sanchez, Korean group One Way, Malaysian artist Noryn Azis, Singaporean singer Kewei Tay, and Japanese artist Baby M. Aside from recorded collaborations, Christian has also starred in the 2011 Singaporean TV musical “The Kitchen Musical”.

Meanwhile, Delon started his career when he championed the first season of Indonesian Idol in 2004. After winning the contest, Delon released a couple albums and has starred in various films and soap operas.

The two met in a concert at Jakarta a few years ago and since then, they’ve been having talks about collaborating for a song. But it wasn’t until Christian contacted Delon and told him it’s about time they put those plans into action.

The song, entitled We Are Here, is written by Christian himself and talks about the value of reaching out and helping each other. “We should help each other, this is the time that even though we (are on a) lockdown, we should connect with each other. We should create, we should not be shy in asking for help and we should be ready to give help,” Christian said in a virtual interview with radio station Barangay LS.

In the same interview, Delon explains that he and Christian have been planning to share inspiration through music as they’ve been talking about collaborating since they met a few years ago. Christian added that this was the right time to do the song, making it even more meaningful.

“This lockdown should not stop us from creating music, or creating other things to inspire us, our families, and other people,” Christian added.

We Are Here is available on Spotify, iTunes Apple Music and other digital music stores and platforms.


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