Wish Ko Lang! special season airs this July 11

by Matthew Escosia
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The award-winning public service program Wish ko Lang! returns on air for a special season this Saturday. Hosted by Vicky Morales, the special season is set o bring hope and inspiration to Filipinos by opening its doors to deserving individuals in this great time of need.

“As the world continues to face the pandemic and its effects on our lives, there is a need for us to be inspired, to be reassured that we will get through this together. We just need to continue to hope. And Wish Ko Lang! aims to spark that hope among the hearts of everyone,” says Vicky.

“I am grateful that I get to be the ‘fairy godmother’ again—even for the time being—and help our Kapuso in these trying times. Walang imposible kahit sa panahon ng pandemya hangga’t tayo ay hindi nawawalan ng pag-asa.”

Wish Ko Lang! will air fresh episodes starting this Saturday. For July, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo directs the dramatization segments of the episodes. Bernardo is known for the films ‘Kita Kita’ and ‘Untrue’. Some of the Kapuso stars who will grace the program include Prima Donnas mainstays Elijah Alejo and Chanel Latorre.

For its first two episodes, Wish Ko Lang! features the stories of child breadwinner Manny and the construction worker mom Joan.

Manny loves playing basketball. His dream is to make it to his school’s varsity team. But he must set aside his dreams for a while. Because of the pandemic, Manny became his family’s breadwinner. In the morning he sells various household items while in the afternoon he offers balut along North Caloocan. His earnings are spent on his parents’ medicines and their food. After falling in a construction site, Manny’s father became disabled. His mother, on the other hand, has tuberculosis. What little savings Manny has he intends to use for his enrollment and to buy items to play basketball. But given his new role in the family, he is now unsure if he can still go to school.

Meanwhile, Joan used to sell fruits in Laguna, while her husband Sherwin used to be a construction worker in Rizal. When the enhanced community quarantine was implemented, both lost their jobs. Sherwin became a localized stranded individual (LSI) who can’t go home to his family. Joan was left no choice but to take on work to provide for their family. She applied for a construction job in their area and at the same time took a house help job as a sideline. Joan worries about Sherwin and hopes to be reunited with her husband. Her wish is that they could face the hardship brought about by the pandemic together.

The program will also be asking viewers to send in their most urgent wishes so these may be featured in future episodes.

Walang imposible kahit sa panahon ng pandemya. Catch the special season of Wish Ko Lang! beginning this Saturday (July 11), 4 pm on GMA 7.


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