Get your disco groove on at this dance club in Manila

by Matthew Escosia
SEA Wave - The Studio Dance Club Makati
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By: Jireya Bautista


Filipinos love to dance as much as they love to sing! Experience a whole new era of disco while paying homage to the past and grooving to today’s trendy dance music in The Studio Dance Club.

Located in Makati, the Studio Dance Club is the newest ballroom dance club that has amassed a good number of visitors who is looking for a break away from work to dance their hearts out.

SEA Wave - The Studio Dance Club Makati

You won’t feel awkward because the club has an in-house dance teacher who will lead the audience, making it not just a great night out but also a dancing lesson (they also have a spacious dance floor and large studio mirror).

Studio Dance Club also hosts themed dance nights such as Retro 80’s Disco, Boogie Nights, 90’s Disco Night, Kpop Night, and so much more! So, each visit is a new experience with a new dance move to try!

SEA Wave - The Studio Dance Club Makati

Finally, don’t forget about the drinks! After a night of dancing, unwind with their in-house refreshments. Check out their Dance Schedule and Rates!

SEA Wave - The Studio Dance Club Makati Prices Schedule

Ready to hit the dance floor? Share your thoughts below!

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