Indonesian game “Faerie Afterlight” set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch

by Gabrielle Marcelo
Faerie Afterlight Game
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Indonesian folklore-inspired puzzle-platformer Faerie Afterlight comes to PC and Nintendo Switch this September 2023.

Fairy Afterlight follows the inseparable pair of Kimo and Wispy as they explore enchanting locations collecting light shards to bring back the natural state of their world. As described in their official website, this game is “filled with an abundance of heart, courage, camaraderie, and a delightful soundtrack complimentary to the game’s lush world.”


Faerie Afterlight Game Setting

Photo from Faerie Afterlight Steam Page


The game is in a 2D style and starts off with the black cat-like looking blob Kimo and the small light fairy Wispy exploring cities, forests, caverns and other locations. The player can take control of both characters throughout the whole game – Wispy to take advantage of the surroundings and move platforms and walls, and Kimo to interact with the objects and bounce off of them. As the game progresses, the two are faced with more engaging puzzles, friendly locals and fierce enemies as they look to complete their quest.


Faerie Afterlight Exploration

Photo from Faerie Afterlight Steam Page


Mastiff Games, developer of Tonytopia, Gurgumin 3D and Home Sweet Home, partnered with Clay Game Studio, a game developer based in Malang, Indonesia to bring the surreal landscape of Faerie Afterlight to life.

Clay Game Studio’s distinct art style (as seen in Mirth Island, Doa Pedia and Monster Farm) uses cute, rounded shapes over rich colorful backgrounds that help create a sense of scale and grandeur to the fantastic setting of the Faerie Afterlight. And with the game being heavily inspired by Indonesian philosophy and folk art, this style gives the game a unique look featuring vibrant locations combined with amazing design.


Faerie Afterlight Monsters

Photo from Faerie Afterlight Steam Page


To get a better grasp of the game watch the trailer here:


Indulge in this scenic game and help Kimo and Wispy restore light in Lumina. The demo version of the game will be available this month on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Visit the official website of Faerie Afterlight to find out more about the game.

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