Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Are Back In A Thrilling Action Comedy: A High Movie Review of “Bad Boys: Ride or Die”

by Shane Jhastin Picson
Bad Boys Ride or Die poster featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence
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It’s been almost 31 years since the very first Bad Boys movie, but that won’t stop Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from reuniting one more time. The Bad Boys are back with an action-packed sequel that promises to bring you to the edge of your seat.

Directed once again by Belgian-Moroccan duo Adil & Bilall, Bad Boys: Ride or Die is the newest addition in the iconic buddy cop comedy franchise. Brace yourself for non-stop laughs and all out action. Here is SEA Wave’s High Five Review of Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Well Executed Action Pieces

From its very first movie in 1993, the Bad Boys franchise has been defined by its heart pounding sequences that brings its viewers at the heart of the action. Since taking over the franchise in 2020’s Bad Boys for Life, Belgian-Moroccan director duo Adil & Billal have done an incredible job of not only maintaining the explosive and exciting set-pieces from Michael Bay’s films, but they have amped up the action to levels that wildly surpass the action from previous films.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die features a diverse range of action scenes: from hand-to-hand combat, to well crafted knife fight choreography, and thrilling gun fights. The film does not lag behind its action movie contemporaries, taking clear influences from other modern action movies like John Wick. The action, and combat are as thrilling and exciting as ever and is most definitely one of the best aspects of this movie.

Unique and Exciting Cinematography

Bad Boys Ride or Die starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Still from Columbia Pictures

Bad Boys: Ride or Die offers some of the most unique and exciting display of visual storytelling from Belgian director duo Adil & Billal, and cinematographer Robrecht Heyveart. The movie has so many moments that catch you by surprise and leaves you in awe with the ingenuity and creativity of how they captured the scenes.

One scene that particularly blew away viewers was the entire sequence of Marcus’ heart attack during Mike’s wedding. What’s supposed to be a chaotic scenario becomes a peaceful and somber sequence in a well-crafted and beautifully shot sequence that really makes viewers understand the feeling of enthusiasm and euphoria that Marcus so joyfully embraces throughout the rest of the film.

Comedy That Delivers

Martin Lawrence screaming

Still from Columbia Pictures

The Bad Boys franchise has always been an example of what makes a buddy cop action comedy so successful, and its latest installment certainly maintains the high comedic standards of its predecessors. The chemistry and dynamic between Will Smith’s Mike Lowry and Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Bennett are as electric as ever, delivering so many moments that made the theater burst out from laughter.

Martin Lawrence’s performance stands out from the rest, offering the best comedic moments of the film that blends exquisitely with Will Smith’s serious and no-nonsense demeanor. His character is also the emotional anchor of the film, not only providing humor, but also the brotherly wisdom that Will Smith’s Mike Lowry definitely needed throughout the film.

While some films offer too many comedic moments that may become grating to the viewer, Bad Boys: Ride or Die delivers its comedy at the right moments, and while it becomes childish from time to time, the comedy makes the film an enjoyable experience.

Playfully Safe Plot

Bad Boys Ride or Die starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Still from Columbia Pictures

There is a lot to praise in Bad Boys: Ride or Die, as directors Adil & Bilall make a lot of bold choices especially when it comes to its cinematography and action, however, the film’s plot is something that can still be improved. The movie isn’t dull, there’s a lot of genuinely good moments in the plot, but the longer the movie went, the more predictable and formulaic it became with its antagonist and overarching conflict being one of the aspects of the film that needs reinforcement.

Eric Dane does a decent performance of portraying a brutal villain who’s not afraid to cross the line with Mike and Marcus, but he’s too one-dimensional to be compelling, and even though there are moments when his character’s presence becomes intimidating, it just doesn’t stay throughout the film. The film’s overarching conflict is also relatively a challenge, as from the get-go there is no mystery or doubt that Captain Conrad Howard was being framed, and the solution to the problem was solved pretty easily by the end of the film.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die definitely plays it safe with its story, and even though the danger of the film reaches the personal lives of each character, the stakes never really felt that high to offer any sort of genuine worry or suspense to the viewers. Even though there are a lot of good character moments such as the inclusion of Mike Lowry’s panic attacks, and Marcus Bennett’s spiritual awakening, you’re left wanting more from the film.

An Exciting and Well-rounded Experience

Bad Boys: Ride or Die takes you on an explosive and exciting ride while making you genuinely laugh along the way. It’s a movie that hits on all cylinders and is filled with everything you could want from a good movie. It’s a well-crafted and well executed motion picture that is complemented well by a cast that offered a good performance despite its shallow and formulaic plot.

It is a great and welcome addition to The Bad Boys franchise that brings Marcus and Mike’s brotherly relationship to a whole new level, and while lacking innovation it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Bringing enough creativity and ingenuity to make fans excited for one more ride.

SEA Wave rates Bad Boys: Ride or Die a 3/5

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